What drives us?


Care for the environment. All waste has a second chance. All waste, is a future product.
Economy. Energy saving. 0% Waste. Local resources. Use of non-renewable resources.
Collaboration. Generate oportunities, achieve great results.
Integrity. Be transparent.


Contribute to the sustainable development of our customers by providing solutions for responsible waste management, transforming them into resources.


Being the leader in Argentina in responsible waste management and transformation. Networking with local and international markets.



As a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative for industries looking to add economic and social value to a material that traditionally would be a contaminant residue. Our goal is to reinsert material back into the production cycle.


Our goal is to reduce waste and scrap material saturating landfills. By reducing the volume of material to be incinerated, we lower the environmental pollution and reduce greenhouse gases.

Products, Raw Materials and Processes

  • • We collection the waste material from the plant, which we call post-industrial (*).
  • • We separate and classify the waste for material quality and color.
  • • We reduce and process materials adding value throughout various processing methods.
  • (*) virgin and recycled cardboard; various plastics such as expanded polystyrene (EPS tergopor); EPE foam polyethylene; bags / LDPE film and HDPE straps, among others; Industrial scrap, discard quality, pallets, etc.

What we do?

Transform and sell the raw material recovered from customers in different formats.

Ask for a list of available materials. Send Consult.

Ecopulpo Crushed (PET)

Ecopulpo Crushed (PET)

Ecopulpo Crushed (PET)

Ecopulpo Crushed (PS+FR) (ABS+PC)

Ecopulpo Crushed (PP)

Ecopellets (ABS)

Ecopellets (PEBD - PEAD)

Ecopellets (PEBD - PEAD)

Ecopellets (PP)

Ecopellets (PS)

Cardboard Baling

Cardboard Baling

Cardboard Baling

Baled Plastics

Baled Plastics

Baled Plastics

Compacted EPS

Compacted EPS

White Densified (PEBD)

Color Densified (PEBD)


EcoPulpo provides management for treatment and responsible disposal of non-recyclable and recyclable materials, ensuring the traceability of its processes and the reintegration of treated raw material, closing the production loop.

Removal and disposal of post industrial material:

From your plant to our facilities. From our plant, to the production cycle again. Nothing to landfills.

Industrial scrap:

Electrical components, metals, plastics, production rejects, historic waste, cakes, etc.

Organic waste:

Waste management for food disposal.

Consultation on site:

Classification and internal separation. Reduction and disposal.

Classification and separation:

Of different materials, type and color, for proper disposal.

Compaction equipment availability:

According to needs, we can provide on site compactation.

Service processing of raw materials:

We have different equipment and different processes of transformation that allows us to process a wide variety of waste. Contact us.

And other customized services:

We await for your inquiry.

Companies that trust Ecopulpo

Success stories: more ecological and sustainable.

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